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Mom with Purpose

Engage life and accomplish your goals.

Moms today have more opportunities than ever before. They are also expected to do more. Whether you are struggling to do it all or are ready to take on bigger goals, being a Mom with Purpose will give you the inspiration and tools you need to create the life you desire.

What are the Benefits?


Hear from Marcy and other moms how they remain focused on their purpose in life.


Achieve your family, career, and personal goals through the use of practical tools.


Gain confidence in finding meaning and purpose along your journey.

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I am dedicated to encouraging women to live out their purpose in the world. I have experienced the transforming power of self-discovery and personal growth as a working mother of six. Whether women are struggling with their purpose or looking for ways to find balance in their life, I am here to share my experience at conferences, events, and workshops.

See My DIY

It all started when we lived in Boston in 2004. Tom came home from a National Guard weekend and I had torn out a wall between our kitchen and dining room – imagine his surprise! My husband loves it when I say, “Honey, I have an idea!” I enjoy creating new things. From arts and crafts to home renovations, you just never know what I may do next!

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